LaCrosse Lumber Spruce Customer Success Story

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866.374.3221 | www.ecisolutions.com/spruce | How business gets done. ©2019 ECi, and the ECi Red Box logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of ECi Software Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. La Crosse Lumber CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORY Spruce cloud-based ERP centralizes lumber retailer with 14 locations and a diverse mix into a unified system OVERVIEW La Crosse Lumber www.lacrosselumber.com Louisiana, Missouri BUSINESS CHALLENGES: • Company was using an antiquated system (Epicor) and was a competitive disadvantage to La Crosse Lumber • Customer support with the company's prior ERP software vendor had been declining, while getting more expensive BENEFITS OF SWITCHING: • Spruce's flexibility enables a company to run the way it wants, and users across all locations benefit from up-to-the-minute business information • Spruce met the company's criteria for software designed to support business growth and profitability After using the same software to run the lumber business for more than 10 years, La Crosse Lumber Co. President Kevin Keely knew it was time for a change. The system the Louisiana, Missouri, company had being using, Activant Falcon® enterprise software from Epicor®, may have gotten the job done once upon a time; but those days were gone. As the company's ERP solution fell behind the times, change was necessary Epicor itself had gone through a lot of changes in ownership in recent years, and Keely felt the company had suffered as a result. "It seemed like customer service at Epicor was not at the level it was when we first bought into them, and the cost of their service contracts were really out of hand for what we were getting," Keely recalls. Most importantly, he says, Epicor had become for him an old, outdated system that was no longer capable of taking his company in the direction he wanted to take it. Keely started investigating other ERP options and one quickly stood out from the rest as the only logical choice for a business like La Crosse: Spruce® lumber and building materials management software from ECi Software Solutions. Operational efficiency, growth, and profitability were the reasons to get Spruce cloud-based ERP software "Spruce just seemed to be more in tune with the needs of today's business," explains Keely. "I really liked the idea of moving to the cloud for several reasons. In general, Spruce was more aggressive when it came to newer ideas on how to use the software to make us stronger and more profitable." But figuring out the program you need and putting it to work in your business smoothly and effectively are two very different things. There may be more stressful ways for an entrepreneur to spend his time than switching enterprise software, but not too many. And for Keely and his team, that task would be particularly challenging.

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