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Hamlin Building Center CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORY Spruce Brings Greater Efficiency, Ease of Use and Increased Information Access OVERVIEW Hamlin Building Center www.hamlinbc.com Lake Norden, South Dakota BUSINESS CHALLENGES: • Monthly statements were taking all day • Tracking down documents was difficult • Former system was difficult to use BENEFITS OF SWITCHING: • Efficient document management • Real time access to data • Excellent customer support It's been three years now but Rick Homola still remembers the days when putting the monthly statements together was an all-day process, when his people would spend hours trying to track down an old invoice or PO, and when running the business was mostly a matter of gut feel and guess work. That was life for the folks at Hamlin Building Center in Lake Norden, South Dakota, before they switched to Spruce. Hamlin is very much a family business. Rick's father, Tom, bought the company in 1992. It's also a very successful business—averaging double- digit sales growth since that time, Rick reports. But while growth on that scale has been very welcome, of course, it has not come without its own special challenges. And one key area that came under increasing pressure as the company grew was the computer system the Hamlin team was using to run things. "Putting it simply, our software just wasn't keeping up with the business," recalls Rick. "It wasn't an easy system to use, there was limited access to real-time data and adding to the problem, our software provider was unresponsive and customer service overall was poor." It was time for a change and the Hamlin team started to explore their options. After carefully evaluating competing systems and doing their due diligence, they chose Spruce. That was in 2012 and since then, says Rick, he's become more and more convinced every year that it was absolutely the right decision. "There's no question we have gotten a very strong return on our investment in Spruce," says Rick happily. "It probably paid for itself in the first year we had it and since then, Spruce has made life simpler and more productive throughout the company." Ask Rick or anyone else at Hamlin where exactly Spruce has made the biggest difference and he says they would all point to three key aspects of the software. ©2020 ECi, and the ECi Red Box logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of ECi Software Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. 800.777.8231 | www.ecisolutions.com | How business gets done.

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