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Moving to the Cloud software helps Worksmart work smarter

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Worksmart SUCCESS STORY Moving to the Cloud software helps Worksmart work smarter OVERVIEW Worksmart Office Supply www.longhornop.com Austin, TX BUSINESS CHALLENGES: • The various locations had to dial into the system via VPN causing slow typing speeds for employees and time-consuming online ordering for customers. • The owner spent 2–3 hours per day on computer maintenance and software updates took up to 5 hours. BENEFITS OF SWITCHING: • The cloud-based software provides automatic data backups that are stored offsite, Worksmart now has a disaster plan they are confident in. • The owner spends the 2–3 hours/day previously spent maintaining the system on growing the business and serving customers. Before moving his DDMS system to the cloud in 2012, Mike Winkler had heard all the reasons why that move was a really bad idea. The cloud, he'd been told, is not a secure environment and it's vulnerable to data breaches, viruses, and hacks. Implementation is a pain and once it's up and live it runs too slowly. And, most important of all, it costs too much. Winkler, vice president of Austin-based Worksmart, formerly known as Longhorn Office Products, readily admits that before switching to the cloud himself, he shared many of those concerns. But back in 2012, he felt like he had little choice. Austin had just been hit by some of the worst wildfires in its history, including one that flared up just behind the building in which Winkler and his team worked. "I couldn't ask an employee tor risk their life for a computer" Like any prudent business owner, Winkler had an emergency plan in place for potential disaster situations but he hadn't realized its flaws until he actually needed to put it into action. "Part of my rescue plan called for someone to go into the computer room, grab the computer and the other equipment I needed to operate the business, and move it all to a safe place," he recalls. "When the fire hit, I realized I was basically asking someone to risk their life for a bunch of computer hardware and there was no way I was going to do that again. It made moving to the cloud and easy choice because I really didn't see any other alternative." Today, Winkler's only regret is that the move didn't happen sooner. "Since going live on the cloud, we've had no problems with data security or system reliability," he reports. "We've never had any issues with printers or any ©2020 ECI, and the ECI logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of ECI Software Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. 866.617.6389 | www.ecisolutions.com | How business gets done.

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