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1 Overview We've all heard about the "cloud"—how wonderful it is and how's it's going to change the face of technology. The way we purchase software will never be the same, right? Well, surprise, surprise, it's true. The cloud is the wave of the future and could be the best and most secure solution for businesses of all sizes. The accessibility, hardware cost savings and higher-level of security are driving more and more customers to learn the facts about cloud and the benefits of having a cloud-based business. The cloud is always current and accessible One of the biggest benefits of cloud-based solutions is that the limitations of dated technology and software are removed. With a cloud-based solution, customers no longer have hardware or software to update, so your business is always using cutting-edge technology. If you have an IT staff, they can be freed up from daily server maintenance and auditing for software compliance to perform more useful, growth-oriented tasks. The solution provider will take care of software upgrades. The cloud makes ERP affordable Utilizing a cloud-based system, many small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) can overcome the barrier that has kept them from implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution—cost. A cloud-based system requires no infrastructure investments such as servers, hardware and software updates. It requires fewer personnel to maintain, and doesn't require the expenses associated with upgrading—since the software is always current. With cloud solutions, the upfront fees can be dramatically lower than a legacy or "on-premise" ERP system. Monthly costs are based on a "subscription" type service and are much more predictable. And, since your data is stored off site, you do not have to pay monthly server back-up fees. The cloud makes your business more efficient Since the cloud requires no software installation or maintenance, you and your staff are free to spend more time growing your business. A bonus, you will have more room in your business space since you do not have to house an onsite server! And, having data in real time improves business planning, quickens the decision-making process and makes it easier to respond to customers' needs. 7 Benefits Of Cloud Computing

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