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1 WHITEPAPER Overview It's no secret that Big Box retailers have emerged in almost every sector, including lumber and hardware. The Big Boxes have changed retail by offering a large assortment of products and, due to the volume they process, lower prices. It's also not a secret that the advent of the Big Box retailer has put independent establishments of all types out of business and forever changed many American communities. However, many independents have survived this change. How? They have survived by competing intelligently. Having a plan for competition can only help your chances for success. It's vital to realize your strengths and limitations as a small independent dealer and to compete in a reasonable way. What does that mean? 1. Smart competition You can't compete with the Big Boxes on price. If you are competing solely on price then you are not competing. Competition can match your price. What if your costs rise? For a small business, pricing cannot be your entire marketing plan. If your customers are shopping with you based on only pricing then they are going to switch to another palce as soon as they find a lower price. Customer loyalty is not built on pricing. So what can you do? Excel in customer service, satisfaction, convenience and efficiency. The number one thing to keep in mind is that the Big Boxes cannot do it all. Believe it or not, being a smaller, independent business actually gives you some advantages over the big guys. And there are other things you can do to even the playing field. We will cover both categories in this article. Start by shopping the competition. Note what they carry in comparison to you. Then decide where you are going to go head to head with the Big Boxes and how you are going to specalize. 12 Ways to Compete Against the Big Boxes

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