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1 Overview The only thing constant is change. This phrase is simple yet powerful. It boldly represents technology in today's world. Not only are the devices and software that implement technology changing, but the skills and abilities of the people who use them are changing as well. Once people integrate with a technological advance it is difficult to persuade them to go back to their previous ways of doing things. The demand for fast and adaptable technology in both business and in life is something that cannot be ignored. To maintain and increase profit in today's business world, a company in the lumber, building materials and hardware industry must be operating with a solid LBM business management software. The best systems will allow companies to improve accounting processes, increase the speed of sales and deliveries, track monies for improved budget management, enhance customer service and secure customer loyalty. Serving today's customers These days, if a customer enters a place of business and they are faced with long lines and large amounts of paperwork for what they feel is a simple transaction, they will take their business elsewhere. Time is a priority for today's generations, and anything that impedes this priority may create challenges with current and future profits. Investing in a technology system that is fast, accurate, and created with the customer in mind has become a necessity for businesses in the LBMH industry. Technology and customer service: Why they must be integrated and the problems that occur when they are not There are several reasons why technology is critical for improving the customer service model of a business. Speed The most obvious benefit of adding technology to customer service is speed. Instant gratification is something almost every buyer is looking for. If someone has to wait, even a short time, they may leave. Or, if they have waited in the past, they may not return. The speed of a transaction is paramount to customers returning over and over again. If they can rely on you to be quick and accurate, they will rely on your business for years to come. The more technology is integrated with your customer service model, the faster the service to the customer becomes and the more likely they are to maintain loyalty with your business. Customer Satisfaction: Does Your Software Help Or Hinder?

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