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1 WHITEPAPER Overview As your company grows and expands into new markets and even new territories, the challenge of keeping business systems and software running smoothly can become a huge burden laden with confusion and mistakes. From purchase order to the invoice, payroll and commissions to customer service, every aspect of the business requires a constant flow of information. When processes are handled manually or with multiple systems that don't communicate with one another, the process slows and the cost to you grows exponentially. To manage the multi-faceted nature of the business, you need to be able to manage the entire business from end-to-end using one completely integrated software solution. Having all data in one, easily accessible place speeds up processes for every aspect of business and reduces man hours, labor costs and paper workflow. Stringing together multiple programs is just not efficient. Not only does it require knowledge of divergent software, the software must be compatible and must adapt to the ever-changing needs of the industry. What to Look For in a Solution Provider There are several important factors to consider when choosing a solution provider. Industry Experience: Choose a provider with many years of industry experience, a variety of customers and extensive market knowledge. The longer a company has been around, the more industry and technology changes they have responded to. Cloud-Based Technology: Cloud-based services require no infrastructure investments such as servers, hardware, and time spent on software updates. It requires fewer personnel to maintain, and doesn't require the expenses associated with upgradingā€”since the software is always current and your customer data is always backed up and safely maintained off site. With cloud solutions, the upfront fees can be dramatically lower than a legacy or "on-premise" ERP system and monthly costs are based on a "subscription" type service and are much more predictable. Breadth of Product: Look for a strong back-end business system designed to integrate the entire business process including sales, purchasing, inventory, e-commerce, reporting, invoicing, and accounting. In addition, a commitment to continued expansion to include different vertical markets will help drive sales for generations. The Proof is in the Delivery

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