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Benefits of Cloud ERP

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92% Need Customer Relationship Management currently using spreadsheets, filling systems, and manual record keeping 92% Need It Support & Risk Mitigation need anti-virus solution need data back-up solution 88% Need Project Management need workforce management need knowledge management 88% Need Sales & Marketing need sales booking system need e-commerce platform 79% Need Financial Management need bookkeeping tools need expense management 64 % of SMBs already use cloud-based software 78% will be purchasing solutions in the next 2-3 years Benefits of CLOUD ERP Cloud vs. On-Premise Cloud On-Premise Easily Deployable Models Simplified IT Management Customisable Built-In Security Remote Access Scalable Cost-Ecient Included Delivery & Support Services What is cloud ERP? Cloud ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning software that is hosted in a platform over the Internet. CLOUD VS. ON-PREMISE Total Operational Costs 2 Cloud ERP Costs On-Premise Costs Set-Up Fee Pay-As-You-Go Subscription User Licenses Installation IT Sta Help Desk Hardware Software Maintenance User Licenses Upgrades Cyber Security VS. THE CLOUD ADDRESSES THESE SMB CHALLENGES CLOUD INCREASES SECURITY , , COST EFFICIENT , , Lack of Funds Lack of Support Lack of Customers Lack of Security Lack of Time CLOUD ERP SOLUTIONS MEET SMB BUSINESS NEEDS , 94% of managers say data security has improved since transitioning to the cloud 86% of US organisations plan to increase cybersecurity spending in 2018 72% of SMBs need the enhanced ant-virus protection the cloud provides 90% of small businesses say their cloud storage is secure 80% Waste More than 8 in 10 in-house data centers have much more server capacity than they need 17% Maintenance Businesses average a 17% reduction in IT maintenance costs in the cloud 70% Capital 70% of businesses reinvest funds back into their business after moving to the cloud 16% Operational Costs Businesses average a 16% reduction in operational costs in the cloud 40% Total Cost Average reduction in total cost of ownership among cloud adopters Resources: 1: Medium: 8 Trends in Cloud Computing for 2018; 2: IDC FutureScape; 3: BCSG: The small business revolution: trends in SMB cloud adoption; 4: Computer Economics: IT Spending and Sta Benchmarks 2017/2018; 5: Clutch: The State of Cloud Storage Providers' Security: 2017 Survey; 6: Thales: 2018 Thales Data Threat Reports; 7: IDC: Quantifying Data Center Ineciency: Making the Case for Composable Infrastructure, Business Insider: Companies waste $62 billion on the cloud by paying for capacity they don't need; 8: Cloud Technology Partners: Cloud Economics – Are You Getting the Bigger Picture?; 9: Skyhigh Networks: 11 Advantages of Cloud Computing and How Your Business Can Benefit from Them; 10: Salesforce: 12 Benefits of Cloud Computing AUS: 866 817 6389 NZ: 0800 441 186 | www.ecisolutions.com/en-au | How business gets

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